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Egg Attack Action Firearm Collection

230,00 kr.

Beast Kingdom Toys

Are you still looking for military weapon accessories for your favorite action figures? Beast Kingdom has got you covered!

Beast Kingdom proudly presents the launch of a new series of accessories for collectible action figures: the EAA-A04 Firearm collection. The design includes popular weapons commonly seen in action movies. With superior realistic design, these weapons are suitable for all kinds of 6-8 inch action figures. Add more diversity to photos of your collectible figures and more action to your collection with an unusual degree of freedom and appeal! Visit Beast Kingdom to shore up your arsenal before being sent in to war!


– RPG rocket launcher (with three grenade warheads)
– Semi-automatic pistol (with three magazines)
– Three types of fragmentation hand grenades, five of each (with two storage boxs)
– Suitable for various 6-8 inch action figures

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