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Creators Opinion PVC Statue 1/4 Natsumi Miyasegawa Bunny Ver. 32 cm

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Original Bunny Girl By Illustrator Ulrich! Natsumi Miyasegawa Has Surfaced!

Natsumi Miyasegawa, an original bunny girl specially designed and drawn by remarkable illustrator Ulrich. Natsumi was conceptualized to be a figure from the get-go. Let’s welcome her as she’s finally brought to life in 3D! Ulrich has gifted us a Character and Bunny Suit Design without pulling any punches.

A fresh take on Bunny Girls by Ulrich… Bunny and Racerback Swimsuit, who knew that this was a Best Match?! With shear force coming off Natsumi’s meteoric proportions..! Now, shaking your screens could be your One True Bunny!

Glancing from bottom to top, you can presume that Natsumi’s assets are well-forged, have superb proportions, and packed with every man’s hopes & dreams.
Of course.. Natsumi planted an elaborate gimmick in her swimsuit… J-U-S-T F-O-R Y-O-U… so keep it a secret..
Such fearsome racerback swimsuit will undoubtedly vitalize your time with her!

For a big 1/4 scale, the Best Bunny Girl dons Fabric Mesh Tights. Something new yet a nostalgic specification which will be worn by our Queen.

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