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Batman The Dark Knight Returns Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figure 1/9 Armored Batman 21 cm

1.580,00 kr.

Beast Kingdom Toys

Frank Miller’s classic Dark Knight returns was a graphic novel unlike anything seen before it! Winning immense praise and turning into a celebrated pop cultural phenomena, it follows the story of an older Batman as he comes out of a ten year retirement to save his beloved city! As determined and head strong as ever, the older, grizzled Batman uses all his immense wealth to build an armored suit, ready for his return to the mean streets of Gotham City!

The DAH (Dynamic 8action Heroes) range is back with a bang with the release of the ‘Armored Batman’ from the Dark Knight Returns. The suit, which was built to protect an older Batman is a perfect fit for the DAH design of highly articulable action figures. Batman’s strong body is complimented by the modular like armor that sits on top. The set includes three exclusive head sculpts, with a full helmet, partially damaged helmet and a full Bruce Wayne head. Multiple replacement hands as well as a collection of weapons, including pulse gun and special effects complete the set.

The perfect collector’s item for fans of the 80s classic comic book that shaped a generation. Order yours from an official Beast Kingdom outlet today!

Included Accessories:

– DAH design action figure, with around 20 points of articulation
– One Bruce Wayne head sculpt (Usable with DAH-043, 044DX Batman)
– Two (2) replaceable head sculpts with mask (Fully covered, damaged)
– Three (3) pairs of replaceable hands (Fist, open, gripping)
– Accessories: Palm shocker + special effects addons, special effects , bow + kryptonite gas effects
– Street lamp prop
– Suit and cloak made of real cloth
– Special, branded base with bracket

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